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If you have been following our blog then you have already heard of SET Japan.  SET Japan is an advertising firm that was responsible for Louis Vuitton’s QR Code that you have no doubt seen before.  We just wanted to show you the competition and let you know that we are able to perform the same services as SET Japan, but we are able to do them at a much lower cost, the savings you earn can be converted into a much bigger payoff.  We can help you build your presence online through Social Media.  Want to do a Google Adwords campaign?  We can create the ad and help you with the bidding process.

Also, we want everyone to know that we don’t only do QR codes, we also do Data Matrix, Aztec Codes, and Micro QR Codes.  QR codes not your thing, what about using Microsoft TAG.  Don’t even want your product to have an attached QR Code, what if we told you we could just use a picture of your product and by using a special app you could get detailed info, a link to a website, or anything that you can imagine to appear on your phone.

This is the future, so what are you waiting for email us NOW

Click the Louis Vuitton QR Code to visit SET’s Webpage (this QR code only works on Japanese phones)


  1. This is so cool!

  2. I can’t until you get your first client !

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