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Kalvin Kleen Invades Little Fish Huge Pond

Come hang out with Kalvin Kleen and his crew at Little Fish Huge Pond in Sanford Florida. Friday Feb. 22nd 8pm come out and play! 401 S Sanford Ave Sanford FL


We have been doing a lot of work lately and one of our favorite projects is MastersFX. These guys do some amazing work in TV shows and Movies. Check out their website to see some of their creations.

We are developing some gnarly QR Codes and innovative ways to put them to use!

Check out some of the Designs we have already put together



Check out the new designer code we did for our awesome friends at ivolution! Be the i!!!!Image

“Like” ImageOur community Page on Facebook to stay up to date on all the action going on for the hurricane party!


As some of you know me (Dexadrine) and Busby try to one up each other every chance we get. so here is my my rebuttal 9/11 Designer QR code. I win…well maybe not but i did put up a good fight. let us know what you think!

Amy Winehouse is one of the many great rockstars who has joined the “27 Club”.  Her passing was untimely but not unexpected.  We hope that her other artists can learn from her musical gifts.

Cheers to Amy

Designer QR Code by Kalvin Kleen

Interested in renting some space at Altamonte Mall? Now, you can take a virtual tour via your cell phone.

The mall recently has started posting QR codes that allow cell phone users to see the inside of vacant spaces it wants to lease out. At one, near the kids’ playground, the code prompted a 55-second tour via cell phone.

“It’s something new we developed here at the property,” said Heather Kinsel, a business-development representative with the mall. “We noticed in the mall retailers are using this to reach out to their customers to get across a special or a certain message they want their customer to view. We thought it would be a great opportunity to translate that and use that for leasing.”

to read the whole article click here

These photos are incredible.  We work a lot in photoshop so it’s always cool to see people getting creative the old fashion way.  We will be keeping our eye out for any and all amazing artists so let us know who your favorites are.God' Canvas

We made a awesome Quick Response code for our friend Nick Palmer, he is the owner of the best recording studio in Orlando, Real Feel Recording. Here is a little bit about the studio:

In 2010, after 20 years as one of the most successful commercial studios in Orlando, RMP (Renn Music Production) finally closed its doors. Made huge by the boy-band era of the 90′s, RMP recorded many platinum-selling artists such as NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Kanye West, Less Than Jake, The Pussycat Dolls, d’Angelo, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Shaquille O’Neal, and many more. Through an amazing stroke of luck, we seized the opportunity to take over the lease and benefit from the amazing construction of the facility.

Since opening earlier this year, we’ve recorded a lot of great local artists in many genres like rock bands Leaving Haven, Don’t Look Back, and One31, indie-folk songwriters Chasing Jonah and James Roquemore, talented hip-hop acts like Prote-J, Ray Wilo, and Essence d’Âme, and solo artists like Kallie Rock, Shyam Raj, and Kevin Casey. We’ve even worked with acclaimed producer Fred McKnight, brother of Brian McKnight.

We have an incredible facility, designed by an accomplished studio designer to be the best possible environment for recording and mixing music, amazing gear that was handpicked by our friendly and knowledgable staff, and we pride ourselves in making sure every single thing that comes out of here sounds good, but the reason we’re different is that we don’t charge you an arm and a leg to record here – making it finally possible for hundreds of independent musicians around central florida to get a professional quality recording without going broke.

And what’s more is that we offer the finest customer service around by maintaining a personal relationship with every customer who walks through our doors and making sure that we get them the highest-quality product available.

Contact QR

Click the photo below to see some of our favorite illustrators in the world. Let us know what you think of these artists. And let us know who your favorite artist’s are.
Nimit Malavia

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.

This is one of the coolest uses of stop motion we have ever seen.  Be sure to check it out.

Send us an e-mail about what you are looking for. We offer many services with our Quick Response Codes that no one else does! Here is a New Dexadrine Creation for Trinity Tattoo!

Dexadrine Creation

The first American company that offers unique designer quick response codes.  Please feel free to email us about our process and stay tuned for media images.