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Welcome to Kalvin Kleen 

Designer QR codes are a more brand friendly version of the traditional QR Code.  What is a QR code? Well… A QR code (Quick Response code) is a type of matrix bar code.  Recently, the system has become popular because its fast readability and large storage capacity. The traditional QR code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be contact info, website, text message and much more.  It was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high-speed.

It used to be that QR codes were monochromatic: black pixels and boxes on white background.  These codes are automatically created by QR code generators and cannot be modified without affecting scan-ability.  If you would like to generate your own free QR code click here

At Kalvin Kleen we take QR Codes to the next level.  We incorporate your brand logo, color, and/or images into the QR codes giving them a look that catches the eye.  Our QR codes make it easy to bridge online information accessed from the offline world through the use of smart phones and other mobile devices.

We are the definitive QR code design experts.  We know how QR codes work, so we can tweak the traditional black and white QR code while conforming to QR code standards.

What separates Kalvin Kleen’s QR codes from the other guys is we offer tracking, analysis, and campaign optimization.  At the other guys you can’t redirect your website whenever you want, with Kalvin Kleen you can redirect where your QR code goes anytime you want!  This gives you the ability to make changes to the campaign on the fly & you will only need one code for a lifetime of usage!

Send us a Message to get a Quote on your very own Kleen QR Code


Translating  your brand into the palm of anyone’s hand

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  1. Just loving the new gallery Kalvin! Let’s get designer codes into the mainstream!!

    • Thanks QRazystuff, we have some new QR Codes we are working on. You know we will be tweeting them your way when we are done with them.

      Stay Kleen

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