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Some New designs from Kalvin using an old photo from New York in the 1940’s and Recreating an Asian Ad

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Kalvin Kleen Designer QR Code


Check out this Rockin Designer QR Code we put together for the awesome people at Real Radio! Its all about the Social Media these days so scan this bad boy and keep up to date with everything thats going on with them! As long as they post it on facebook.

kk mobile marketing Designer qr code

kalvin kleen designer qr code

LA based DJ Tré Tuna is stepping up his mobile marketing game.  He asked Kalvin to design a QR code that would incorporate music into the code.  Check out the codes below and let us know which one you like more

Check out Design Number 1


Designer QR CodeDesignerDesigner QR Code

Check out Design Number 2

Designer QR code

Which one do you like more?

We have been busy doing all sorts of things these days but i thought it was time to show you some of the things we have been working on for our clients. Let us know what you think and remember you can always hit us up at for any social media or Qr Code needs you might have.

Here is something you’ll start noticing around town real soon from Because its Gross. Wash your hands!

KK Mobile Marketing

Designer QR Code

This one is another little number for SongCliq

kk mobile Marketing

Designer QR Code

Orlando based bad to the bone all girl rockband Dollface knows whats up.

KK Mobile Marketing

Designer QR Code

As the 10th anniversary of September 11th comes closer we at KK Mobile Marketing wanted to make something special.  We created this QR code to link to the Facebook Memorial page.    Hopefully we will never see another day like September 11th.

In Remembrance to those we Lost

Designer QR codes

Click the Link to visit the Memorial Page

Hello people!

Because International Talk Like A Pirate Day is approaching us on sept 19th Little Fish Huge pond will be doing the 3rd Annual Pirate Days!!! Its an all day street party with live music, games, and drinks. All day fun for the whole family. Make sure to stay late and check out the party that will follow! Scan this new Designer QR Code to stay up to date on all the details and band line ups!


KK Mobile Marketing

Designer QR Code

Aaaaaaar Matey, on September 19th 2011 we will be celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate day.  We will be pillaging all over town until the sun comes up.

Designer QR code by Kalvin Kleen

Been watching shark week as i always do and got inspired to put this together.

Kalvin Kleen Designer QR Code

KK Mobile Marketing Designer QR Code

Amy Winehouse is one of the many great rockstars who has joined the “27 Club”.  Her passing was untimely but not unexpected.  We hope that her other artists can learn from her musical gifts.

Designer QR Code by Kalvin Kleen

 Cheers to Amy

If you like Blackjack and you Love Kalvin Kleen this is the spot to scan now with your oh so smart Smart Phone! It was real smokey in the office today and been doing a lot of web surfing and somehow decided that i wanted a Vegas style QR code (which i am working on). So Before the steak here is the sizzle, the Blackjack KK Designer QR Code.

Designer QR Code

Blackjack Themed Designer QR Code From Kalvin Kleen

KK Mobile Marketing

Designer QR Code by Kalvin Kleen

Here is a new Designer QR Code we put together for our facebook page, thinking about using this one for the flyers. Even if you spill the paint you still keep it Kleen.


Designer QR Code by Kalvin Kleen

Check out our new flyer. You will be seeing it around Orlando in the next couple weeks.
Be seen with Kalvin Kleen

Hey there!
Have you been wondering what time it is in london? Well this new Big Ben QR Designer Code will do the job. Let us know what you think!

If you have been following our blog then you have already heard of SET Japan.  SET Japan is an advertising firm that was responsible for Louis Vuitton’s QR Code that you have no doubt seen before.  We just wanted to show you the competition and let you know that we are able to perform the same services as SET Japan, but we are able to do them at a much lower cost, the savings you earn can be converted into a much bigger payoff.  We can help you build your presence online through Social Media.  Want to do a Google Adwords campaign?  We can create the ad and help you with the bidding process.

Also, we want everyone to know that we don’t only do QR codes, we also do Data Matrix, Aztec Codes, and Micro QR Codes.  QR codes not your thing, what about using Microsoft TAG.  Don’t even want your product to have an attached QR Code, what if we told you we could just use a picture of your product and by using a special app you could get detailed info, a link to a website, or anything that you can imagine to appear on your phone.

This is the future, so what are you waiting for email us NOW

Click the Louis Vuitton QR Code to visit SET’s Webpage (this QR code only works on Japanese phones)

I was checking out some of Banksy’s new stuff and i thought it was a good day to share it with you. It’s still hard to believe that they didn’t give him that Oscar even after the amazing street art him and Shepard were putting up everywhere leading up to the awards show.  But he probably didn’t care anyways cause its not like he was going to accept it anyways.  Check out this amazing street artist by clicking the picture to visit Banksy’s site